Renergy Group Partners CEO Presents Mega Scale Hydrogen Project at ‘The Green Hydrogen Bridge’ Trade Mission

Mr Robert Valk, Founder and CEO of Renergy Group Partners, presented the Mega Scale Hydrogen Project during the trade mission “The Green Hydrogen Bridge.” This event was organized by the Dutch government Agency RVO and the Embassy of the Netherlands in Egypt.

The Mega Scale Hydrogen Project stands out by combining unique geographical features— the sea, level terrain, and mountain areas—while operating entirely off-grid. With the integration of a hydro-storage reservoir, the project ensures a consistent production cycle, both day and night, throughout the year. With a focus on the European off-take market, the trade mission proved highly productive, offering a platform for exchanging innovative ideas and strategies to move the green hydrogen industry forward.

The Green Hydrogen Bridge” is a Multi-Stakeholder Strategy Workshop designed to bring together key figures from the Egyptian and Dutch green hydrogen sectors. The workshop featured government representatives, policymakers, private sector companies, and research institutions. By facilitating collaboration and exchanging knowledge, the event aims to accelerate the development and deployment of green hydrogen solutions in Egypt. Participants had the opportunity to connect with valuable stakeholders and explore new business opportunities.