Minister of Military Production meets with CEO and founder of Green Tech Egypt & Renergy Group Partners to discuss the first Waste-to-Energy power plant

The Minister of Military Production, General Mohamed Salah, met at the Ministry of Military Production’s headquarters with Mr Robert Valk, CEO and founder of Green Tech Egypt & Renergy Group Partners, and Mr Eslam Ramadan, Company Manager of Green Tech Egypt & Renergy Group Partners.

The primary agenda of this meeting was to closely monitor the progress of establishing Egypt’s first solid municipal waste processing facility, which will convert waste into electricity. This state-of-the-art facility is strategically located in the Abu Rawash region of Giza Governorate. The Minister underscored that the initiative, led by the Renergy Group Partners – a partnership consisting of the Ministry of Military Production, Green Tech Egypt, and OAK Holding – will convert 1200 tons of waste daily into 30 MW.

Minister Mohamed Salah emphasised that this project would have a far-reaching positive impact on the nation’s citizens and economy. He further stressed his unwavering commitment to closely monitoring the progress of the Renergy Group Partners, highlighting the importance of seamless coordination between the Ministry and all other involved parties and ministries to ensure the project’s timely execution.

Mr Robert Valk, CEO and founder of Green Tech Egypt & Renergy Group Partners, provided an overview of the project’s current status, especially the commencement of the waste-to-electricity power plant in Abu Rawash. This project aligns seamlessly with Egypt’s broader efforts to expand its clean and renewable energy portfolio while encouraging greater participation of the private sector in waste management, thereby contributing to a cleaner environment, enhanced climate security, and improved living conditions for its citizens. He expressed his deep appreciation for the collaborative efforts of all project stakeholders.

Mr Mohamed Eid Bakr, the Media Adviser to the Minister of Military Production and the Ministry’s official spokesperson, underscored the Ministry’s commitment to actively participate in national projects that support the country’s sustainable development. Leveraging the production capacities of its various companies, the Ministry aims to play a vital role in driving these transformative initiatives forward.

The meeting was attended by several key figures from the Ministry of Military Production, including Engineer Emil Helmy Elias, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors of the National Organization for Military Production, Engineer Mohamed Sherin Mohamed, Supervisor of the Central Administration of the Minister’s Office, Mr Mohamed Bakr, Media Adviser to the Minister, Engineer Mohamed Abu Al-Naga, Advisor to the Deputy, and Mr Ibrahim Mohammed, Head of Sector Public Relations and Ceremony.

The project to convert solid municipal waste into electricity is an environmental milestone and a commitment to sustainable development and responsible waste management. The Ministry’s active involvement and cooperation with key partners like Green Tech Egypt and Renergy Group Partners are set to pave the way for a greener, more sustainable future for Egypt and its people.