Green Tech Egypt (GTE)

Project Owner (Renergy LLC) GTE is passionate about Egypt and the environment, so GTE was established in 2017. GTE focuses on renewable, sustainable, and innovative solutions to improve Egypt’s environmental and energy sector and uses the latest European technology and aligns with European Environmental Standards. Due to the increase in waste and rising energy demand, GTE is working on Egypt’s first Waste-to-Energy (WTE) plant. Moreover, GTE works on waste sorting/ processing, sustainable energy, aquaculture development and construction residue related projects. GTE is committed to giving the best satisfying solutions for environmental issues for Egyptian society’s benefit to preserve historical and natural beauty.

OAK Group Holdings (OAK)

Project Owner (Renergy LLC) OAK Group Holdings (OAK) is an international conglomerate of specialist services companies delivering pioneering renewable energy and infrastructure solutions to both the Public and Private sectors. Headquartered in the Kingdom of Bahrain with other global offices, OAK is a technology-driven owner, developer and investor with a particular focus on step-change technologies delivering innovative solutions for enhanced business performance and productivity for its clients. As a group, OAK is structured around a unique integrated business model built on four core business lines; power and water; energy from waste; project management and infrastructure solutions and services. OAK is able to leverage its resources and expertise across each of its business lines in order to provide its clients with a comprehensive range of intelligently assessed, innovative and proven turn-key service solutions, tailored to meet the specific needs of each client, delivered by its highly skilled in-house chartered engineers and certified project managers. OAK’s track record boasts the delivery of specialist solutions to majors within the oil & gas and petrochemical industries, working directly with governments under Public-Private-Partnership (PPP) schemes and bringing together its unique capabilities alongside strategic alliances with specialist international technologists and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), offering unrivalled top tier professionalism, experience and expertise. OAK’s strategy brings together upstream, midstream, and downstream capabilities throughout the Oil & Gas and Energy Industries allowing OAK to create new sources of value, improving productivity and project economics through integrated technology and service offerings. Generating electricity from renewable energy technologies, OAK builds, owns and operates Waste-to-Energy (WTE) assets, which convert solid waste into gas, generating electricity, providing governments with a sustainable source of gas and/or electricity whilst disposing of unwanted waste, which is usually landfilled. OAK’s WTE solution utilises leading High-Temperature Pyrolysis (HTP) technology which effectively converts both organic and inorganic waste materials into a high Calorific Value (CV) synthetic gas through thermochemical decomposition, which can be used to power gas generators and/or steam turbines for a sustainable generation. HTP is a close loop process which has been developed to operate at high elevated temperatures (>700˚C) allowing for a more thorough chemical breakdown, improving production yield and minimising emissions. OAK’s WTE solution offers a sustainable source of renewable energy with significant positive environmental impacts, including the elimination of landfilling and the reduction of Green House Gas (GHG) emissions.

Ministry of Military Production (NOMP)

Local/Ministerial Partner, The National Organization for Military Production (NOMP) within the Ministry of Military Production, is a major industrial facility with vast industrial and technological capabilities and is involved in the implementation of major national projects across the country as part of its comprehensive development plan for 2030 NOMP, supervises sixteen military factories of which fourteen are producing civilian goods and military products. Military production plants are not planned for privatisation; however, there is interest in licensing arrangements with foreign firms to enhance their product mix and improve quality. NOMP is looking to expand into new, productive product lines for domestic and export sales and is open to foreign licensing/joint venture proposals. “Defence conversion” (reinvestment) in the sense of making productive use of surplus military capacity is under intense discussion within the Egyptian military


Waste to Energy International OÜ (WTEI)

Technical Partner Waste to Energy International OÜ (WTEI) are developers in the waste-to-energy, solar and wind sector. Unlike many other development companies on the market, WTEI has substantial experience in constructing real waste-to-energy and waste utilisation objects. WTEI provide the full development cycle of an alternative energy facility: from the green grass to commissioning. This includes technical feasibility study, procurement, construction supervision, commissioning and personnel training. Project calculations are conducted by the proprietary, fully parametric financial model, which financial advisors have accepted several times in Switzerland, the UK, and Sri Lanka. WTEI is a company of international environmentalists, highly qualified engineers, experienced economists and waste-to-energy project developers. WTEI have strong relationships with several world-leading technology providers, including producers of reciprocating grates and fluidised bed incineration equipment, pyrolysis, sorting, packing, and waste processing equipment.